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Small Sided Football for 6-11 Year Olds

This explains why we play small sided games and also gives some age appropriate coaching tips. Why change the game for kids?

Under 6s and Under 7s – Mini roos 6s and 7s  – Guidelines for 6s and 7s

Under 8s and Under 9s = Mini roos 8s and 9s  –  Guidelines for 8s and 9s

Under 10s and Under 11s – Mini roos 10s and 11s  –  Guidelines for 10s and 11s

We have been provided with the following information for coaches.   

FFA Football Curriculum

The relevant resources for each age group  are found in the following sections:

Discovery (for coaches of 6s-8s) – Pages 94-112

Skill acquisition (for coaches of 6s-13s) – Pages 138-191

Game training (for coaches of 9s-13s) – Pages: 200-239

NBSC 2021 Reference manual

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