Wet Weather

Wet Weather Training

If it has been raining, Bankstown Council makes the decision as to whether or not the grounds are closed due to wet weather.  Please understand that this is a winter sport and it is probably going to rain at some time for either training or games.  

Your team’s coach or manager will generally know by 5.00pm if the field is closed or not. You should call them if unsure. If you are not sure who to call, try Mark on 0407 505 377 or John on 0400 606 297. If the fields are open and it is not raining at your training time, you should turn up.

Weekend Games

The club will normally be notified late Friday night or first thing Saturday morning if the games have been cancelled due to wet weather/wet fields. Coaches will be notified if games are off early Saturday morning and then coaches will notify you if the games are off. If you don’t hear from them, you should assume games are on.