Grading Policy

All competition age teams, wherever there is more than one team in an age group, will be graded at the beginning of each season. This will be done by a grading committee and will occur as early as possible after final registrations.

Purpose & Principles

* Club wants to develop competitive teams in each age group and division.

* Club wants to improve the numbers of teams playing at Division 1 level.

* It is extremely important that players are graded in teams with players of similar ability, to play against teams of similar ability. This gives each child the chance to fully participate, enjoy the experience and develop to his/her full potential as a player.

* Where there are sufficient numbers to justify two teams in an age group, the number of players should be evenly divided so that both teams have adequate player numbers.

* Teams should register a maximum of 16 players, but may carry up to 18 players with permission of the management committee. If additional players are registered, all players are to get equal opportunities to play.

* If there is only one team in an age group, players will be selected on the basis of full registration, club service, and then ability.

* Wherever possible, junior players will not be turned away from the club.


* Our club makes a commitment to promote fairness, consistency and transparency in the selection process.

* An independent grading committee will be established for each age group. Coaches may have input into the selection process but will not be involved in the final decision making process.

* Players will be watched over a number of training sessions and matches.

* Following confirmation of all registrations and the total number of players in each age group, final team compositions will be determined.

* If necessary, a player may appeal their grading in writing to the club president.

* Any player who signs on after grading is finalised will be allocated to a team based on player ability and team numbers requirements.