Child Protection Policy

Policy Statement

North Bankstown Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that health, safety and welfare of all children and young people is maintained at all times during their participation as a player, coach, official, volunteer, or spectator of North Bankstown Soccer Club. This club is an affiliated member of Footbal NSW and Bankstown District Amateur Football Association and fully supports the Child Protection Policies and guidelines of these organisations.


The Child Protection Act 1998 sets out specific legal requirements for all organizations involved with children and young people. North Bankstown Soccer Club supports this legislation and the need to ensure the safety and welfare of all children and young people.


Child Protection will be an important responsibility of all committee members and the club has a Member Protection Officer who is responsible for Child Protection issues.

Roles of the Member Protection Officer and Club Committee

These roles will be to:

* Promote a safe and supportive environment for all children and young people.

* Implement strategies that focus on the best interests of children.

* Increase awareness of Child Protection issues to members, parents and players.  

* Ensure that all officials and parents are aware of their legal obligations under the Child Protection legislation.   

* Provide information to assist officials in dealing with all forms of child abuse.   

* Provide guidelines to all officials on minimizing risk.    

* Provide guidelines to all officials on notification of child abuse.   

* Ensure that all members are aware of the codes of conduct.

Codes of Conduct

The philosophy behind the Child Protection policy is reflected within the codes of Codes of Conduct for all members. These Codes of Conduct align all members with the values and ethics of North Bankstown Soccer Club. They state what is considered appropriate behaviour for ensuring the welfare of children and the good reputation of this club.

The Review Process

This policy and the Codes of Conduct will be reviewed annually and updated when necessary.